F1 GERMAN GRAND PRIX 2019Event Information

Be part of the celebrations as the German Grand Prix once again takes its place on the F1 calendar after a year’s absence. Ferrari’s Rubens Barrichello celebrated an epic first F1 win here in 2000. Witness the Hockenheimring brimming with unbelievably passionate fans, as the sweet scream of engines fill your ears and awaken the rural area.

Historic Moments:

  • The first time Jim Clark ever finished second in a World Championship race was at the German GP, held at the legendary Nurburgring, in 1963. He was driving for Lotus-Climax.
  • Fists were flying at the 1982 GP after race leader Nelson Piquet collided with Eliseo Salazar in last place. Piquet decided to give the Chilean driver a piece of his mind.
  • From 18th place to first, Rubens Barrichello finally achieved his first F1 win in 2000 sitting in his Ferrari.

The date of this race is based on the provisional calendar. Usually these dates do not change but this cannot be guaranteed until the final calendar is released towards the end of the year. If the date of the race does change, it will not affect the validity of any tickets you purchase for the event. If possible, we recommend booking any accommodation and flights/travel on a flexible basis or waiting until the calendar is confirmed.

For extra peace of mind, you can take out Booking Protection cover at the checkout and receive a refund on your booking including service and delivery fees if the event date changes and you cannot attend on the new date.

Children up to and including 6 years of age can enter for free without a ticket and access grandstands if not occupying a seat. Discounted child tickets are available for children aged 7 to 15 years. Identification may be required on the day.

Please contact us to check availability for wheelchair-accessible tickets.

At Hockenheimring, row 1 is at the back of the stand so high row numbers are lower down i.e. near the front (apart from Süd Oberrang, Haupttribüne and Mercedes where row 1 is at the front).

On Friday a roving seating policy is operated within certain grandstands. The grandstand you purchase will influence the grandstands that you can rove in on Friday.

Tickets in the following grandstands will be able to rove in all grandstands also on this list:

  • Haupttribune
  • Sudtribune C and D
  • Sudtribune Oberrang
  • Mercedes-Tribune G-M

Tickets in the following grandstands will be able to rove in all grandstands also on this list:

  • Sudtribune A, E and H
  • Nordtribune B
  • Innentribune C
  • Mercedes-Tribune A-F

Innentribune A/B/C Low must only be purchased by end-customers and have a limit of 4 tickets per customer due to limited availability. We are unable to confirm orders for larger quantities.

General Admission entry is not available to purchase separately. However, all grandstand tickets include entry to the General Admission areas.

Sunday-only tickets will be released on 1st October 2017. However, before this date, the equivalent weekend ticket will be the same price as a Sunday-only ticket.

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